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Who is Corey ?

Corey interviewé par les élèves de seconde 1, 2, 3 et 4

jeudi 11 novembre 2010, par SABINE HOCQUET

A few weeks ago we interviewed the new assistant, here is the article our class wrote after the interview.

Corey, the English assistant, is American. He was born in San José 22 years ago but he lives in Santa Cruz, California. He arrived in France on October 1st. He is staying in Marseilles at the moment but he does not speak French fluently yet.
Our assistant has got a brother who is 18 years old. Five years ago, Corey left the family house, his two dogs, his mother Meryll, his father Scott and his brother to go and study at university
We asked Corey about his hobbies :
First, he likes sport. In California, he is fond of sailing, rowing and mountain biking. Then, he is crazy about horror films and his favourite films are Martin and A boy and his dog. But he also likes French movies. His favourite actor is Jeremy Irons. To finish with his hobbies, Corey also likes walking and he has spent a lot of time walking around Marseilles looking for flat since he arrived.
Corey has visited many countries. In fact, he has already travelled around Europe and been to Prague, London, Amsterdam and Berlin. But he has also been to Canada and Africa.
We wanted to know what Corey thought about France and French people. Actually, he thinks that France and the USA are very different.
To start with , he said the French had different musical tastes. They like electronic music whereas the Americans prefer punk and folk music.
Next, he finds French people better dressed and he thinks French shoes are nicer than American ones !
He really likes French food and he is particularly keen on seafood whereas he dislikes junk food.
Then, he said that there are more clubs in France than in America.
Finally, Corey said the weather in the south of France is quite the same as in California.
Corey is a language assistant and he likes it. He studied modern literature for 4 years but he does not know what he wants to do yet, he may become a teacher or work in politics.

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